Saturday, 17 November 2007

Land of The Tiger - Nicholas Hooper

If there's one thing that the BBC excels at it's wildlife documentaries. The epic Land of The Tiger took viewers on a breathtaking tour of India and its myriad flora and fauna. The soundtrack to this six part series was provided by Nicholas Hooper who recently composed the score for the latest Harry Potter movie.

Using the talents of the BBC Concert Orchestra plus sound samples and Indian players, Hooper creates a sweeping soundtrack that skillfully mixes both Indian and Western tones and textures that evoke the vastness and diversity of this fascinating continent.

Despite its Indian setting Hooper avoids the cliched sitar and utilizes flutes, violins, tablas, the otherworldly santoor and the beautiful vocals of Krishna Chakraborty. Land of The Tiger is no balti house background muzak, this is a musical feast to savour.

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JR Todd said...

I love this soundtrack. It's one of my favorites. Thanks for posting!