Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Black Dahlia

Brian De Palma's good looking thriller The Black Dahlia, based on James Ellroy's novel, has a lot going for it. However comparisons with Curtis Hanson's stylish LA Confidential, another Ellroy adapation are inevitable.

Even if the Black Dahlia may be slightly lacking as a movie, there is much to enjoy in Mark Isham's soundtrack, which at times echoes elements of Jerry Goldsmith and the melancholy of John Barry's later work.


BEA-BOP said...


Thank you for sharing with (us) such a wonderful selection of OSTs. What makes your Blog quite wonderful too, is your short but very informative comments of the soundtrack that you provided.
It gives me insights into the music, that other
bloggers seem to neglect (or for that matter...
go overboard on).

Keep up the good work,

Crispy32 said...

Thanks for the kind words BB. It's great to get feedback and good to know someone is reading my blog!

mr.kenneth said...

Agreed ... apart from Scarlett Johansson's mohair sweater - which laShirl had a little gasp of fabulousness over - I thought it was a very poor movie ... but a very good soundtrack.

A real shame because I was looking forward to this as Ellroy's trilogy are outstanding novels.