Sunday, 4 November 2007


Richard Thorpe's 1952 adaptation of Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe was an exciting and colourful affair. Filmed in Britain in glorious technicolor, it boasted a cast that included a luminescent Elizabeth Taylor, the great George Sanders and the rather wooden Robert Taylor in the lead role.

Many years ago my mum took me to see Ivanhoe at our local fleapit on its upteenth reissue, and I always remember the kids in the audience (including myself) getting very excited by the battle sequences even if some of the Saxons and Normans were plainly fighting with very floppy rubber swords!

The real star of Ivanhoe however, is Miklos Rozsa's rousing score. It's one of his very best and excentuates the spectacular actions scenes as well as the doomed romance between George Sanders and Elizabeth Taylor's characters.

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