Monday, 15 October 2007

Jazz From Great TV Shows - Crime Jazz Galore

One old LP..that's what we used to call 'em in the ol' days, that has received a lot of rotation in my secret lair is Jazz From Great TV Shows by Bob Mersey with Det Moor and his Orchestra.

Bob Mersey was staff arranger and composer for CBS television and Columbia Records. Jazz from Great TV Shows is a classy piece of crime jazz, a compilation of incidental pieces Mersey wrote for such shows as Route 66, The New Breed, Manhunt, Kraft Mystery Theater,and Window on Main Street.

What's it like? Well it's twelve tantalising tunes that conjure up chases down rain slicked alleyway, cops called O'Malley, Martinis, Motorcycle gangs, Beatniks, Bad boy Nogoodniks, Broads, Bourbon, Lucky Strikes, Femme Fatales and Fedoras. A tour de force of big ass brass with more swagger and sass than a Coupe de Ville's tail end, backed up with body blow bass lines that bruise. Not to be missed

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