Sunday, 21 October 2007

Star Wars goes lounge-core

It wasn't all stomping around in big boots, destroying planets and choking people - even Vader had to relax sometime and settle down with a martini. Ever wondered what Han and Chewie listened to after a busy day dodging Imperial slugs and making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs?

The answer is Cocktails in The Cantina - thirteen finger-popping tunes from the Star Wars galaxy, performed in delightfully tongue in cheek style by the Evil Genius Orchestra and featuring adult movie star Jasmin St. Claire in her best porno Leia pose.

As much as I love the orchestral original, this is a great piece of nonsense and fun to put on when you have guests round (really!). Some of the arrangements actually transcend the it's so bad it's good syndrome, Princess Leia's theme is really rather touching.

The concept behind the original Cantina band music in the movie was that it was meant to sound like some aliens who had found some Jazz scores and without knowing what it should sound like, produced their own interpretation - this is more of the same really

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