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Barry Gray - 21st Century Boy

There are few people who can think of those classic Gerry Anderson puppet series like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Stingray without subconciously humming the theme tunes. The man behind those stirring and emotive pieces of music was Barry Gray who was, without doubt, an essential ingredient in the success of Gerry Anderson's telefantasy productions in the 1960's and 70's.

Born in 1925 in Lancashire, Barry Gray was an established arranger, composer and conductor on radio and recording studio boss when in 1956 he became musical director for a small film production company run by Arthur Provis and Gerry Anderson (AP Films), which later became Century 21 Productions. Over the next 18 years Anderson and Gray formed a creative partnership that produced such classics as Four Feather Falls Supercar and Fireball XL5. When Anderson moved into colour productions, Barry Gray upped his game producing outstanding scores for Stingray, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons and the world famous Thunderbirds.

Gray continued to work with Anderson when Century 21 Productions moved into live action with Space 1999, UFO and Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (AKA Doppleganger). In 1970 Barry Gray retired to Guernsey occasionally composing and conducting, until his passing in 1984.

Although, some great musicians have come and gone since the days of Barry Gray, few have made such an impact on so many people and summed up an entire era as this gentle man with a massive musical talent.


THXjay said...


I must just say that it really saddens me to see such great blogs like this not getting any feedback from the visitors.
It's even more annoying when you're taking the time to share such rare and AMAZING music such as Barry Gray, the man was a genius!

I know you're probably too polite to complain so I'll do it for you ;)
maybe my little rant will get people to leave a little feedback....maybe!

Loving the site, keep up the great work. Speak to you soon :)

Crispy32 said...

Thanks Jay for the VERY kind words.

If I get feedback from good people like you then it's reward enough

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, for your efforts in what is a superb blog. Please keep up the good work

the Duke said...

Barry Gray was a fantastic composer, I have a fairly large collection of mp3's, including the RCA Space:1999 release of compositions he did more about that show than actual soundtrack, it's awesome! His work has become easier to inclusing the Space:1999 and UFO soundtracks, check the Fanderson site for links to the Mp3's and soundtrack CD's. Thanks for this great post!

Lucy said...

I have posted rapidshare links for my Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 soundtracks on some other sites. They are 320kbps CD rips with booklet scans. I can send the links if you like.

Crispy32 said...

Hi Lucy

That would be fantastic. Please send the links



Lucy said...

THUNDERBIRDS FILMCD606 2003 [61 minutes approx.]
Main Titles featuring the famous Jeff Tracy countdown “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Thunderbirds Are Go!”

Music from the episodes Sun Probe, The Perils Of Penelope, The Cham Cham, Vault of Death, The Man from MI5, Desperate Intruder, Pit Of Peril, The Impostors, and Trapped In The Sky.

Plus - Original music from the Lyon’s Maid TV commercials from 1965 featuring puppets from Thunderbirds. Plus – Lady Penelope sings!!!

1. Main Titles
2. Sun Probe
3. Tracy Island And International Rescue
4. Monorail To Disaster
5. Thunderbirds Are Go!
6. Dangerous Game (Latin Instrumental)
7. Vault Of Death
8. The Man From MI5
9. Desperate Intruder
10. Commercial Break
11. Dangerous Game (Vocal)
12. Let's Play Ad Lib
13. Lady Penelope On The Move
14. The Fate Of The Sidewinder
15. Pit Of Peril
16. Rescue!
17. Jeremiah and Lady Penelope
18. Deadly Plot / The Hood and The Fireflash
19. Fireflash Landing
20. FAB1 Pursuit
21. The Tracy Lounge Piano
22. End Titles

320kbps CD rip + booklet scans.
Password is LucyS

Lucy said...

THUNDERBIRDS 2 FILMCD609 2004 [60 minutes approx.]

This is the second CD of original music from the popular British adventure show from the 1960s. As a special bonus, the original previously unused song ‘Flying High’ written for the End Credits, is included.

1. Main Titles
2. Danger At Ocean Deep
3. Spoke City Jazz
4. Easy Listening Radio Music
5. Drama On The South East Asia Pass
6. Taking A Desperate Chance
7. Thunderbirds To The Rescue
8. Penelope In France
9. Elegance, Charm & Deadly Danger
10. Dangerous Game
11. Century 21 March
12. Space Observatory 3
13. San Martino
14. The Noon Day Sun
15. New York City Lights
16. The Duchess
17. World Exclusive Foiled
18. Moving The Empire State Building
19. The Rescue Of Ned Cook
20. Dangerous Game (Piano Version)
21. Lady Penelope and The Mouse
22. Journey Of The Martian Space Probe
23. Coralville Surprise / The Bank Job
24. Christmas On Tracy Island
25. Sleepy Time
26. End Titles
27. Flying High

320kbps CD rip + booklet scans.
Password is LucyS

Lucy said...

THE BEST OF THUNDERBIRDS SILCD1195 2005 [94 minutes approx.]

This 2 CD compilation features the very best tracks from the previous releases Thunderbirds and Thunderbirds 2. Added to this are a selection of unreleased tracks, titles new to CD and a CD-Rom feature.

Century 21 Records’ Mini Albums playing at 33RPM were a popular pocket money buy in the 1960s and three are featured here on CD for the first time offering selections from Lady Penelope Themes, Great Themes From Thunderbirds and F.A.B. – an original story especially written for that album.

The CD-ROM feature (PDF files) is a treasure trove for all Gerry Anderson fans featuring extremely rare promotional literature for the series covering the last 40 years, much of it being shown to the public for the very first time.

1. Main Titles
2. Deadly Plot / The Hood and the Fireflash
3. Thunderbirds Are Go!
4. Fireflash Landing
5. FAB1 Pursuit
6. The Tracy Lounge Piano
7. World Exclusive Foiled
8. Moving The Empire State Building
9. The Rescue of Ned Cook
10. Spoke City Jazz
11. Easy Listening Radio Music
12. Desperate Intruder
13. Jeremiah's Theme
14. Journey of the Martian Space Probe
15. Sun Probe
16. Penelope In France
17. San Martino
18. Drama On The South East Asia Pass
19. Taking A Desperate Chance
20. Thunderbirds To The Rescue
21. Jazz Atlantica
22. Vault of Death (edit)
23. The Red Arrow
24. Danger at Ocean Deep
25. Espionage on the French Riviera
26. The Fate Of The Sidewinder
27. Pit Of Peril
28. Rescue!
29. End Titles

1. Parker (vocal - Sylvia Anderson)
2. Lady Penelope (vocal - David Graham)
3. Dangerous Game (vocal - Sylvia Anderson)
4. Let's Play Ad Lib
5. The Abominable Snowman (vocal - Sylvia Anderson & David Graham)

320kbps CD rip + booklet scans.
Password is LucyS

40 Years of Thunderbirds Gallery

Password is LucyS

Lucy said...

CAPTAIN SCARLET FILMCD607 2003 [79 minutes approx.]

Silva Screen Records present the first ever CD release of Barry Gray's original recordings for the Gerry Anderson TV Series Captain Scarlet.

The music has been researched and reconstructed from the composer's large but neglected store of session tapes by a team of fans and technical experts from Fanderson ( and Kindred Productions.

1. Century 21 sting
2. Main Titles (pilot episode narration)
3. End Titles (semi vocal)
4. Winged Assassin (suite)
5. Staccato Beat
6. Big Ben Strikes Again
7. Until Midnight (radio music)
8. Mountain Pass
9. Deadly Mist and Mountain Chase
10. White As Snow (episode version)
11. Manhunt (suite)
12. Models On A Train
13. Cocktail Music
14. Lunarville 7 (suite)
15. Point 783 - The SHEF March
16. Expo 2086 - The Reactor
17. Commercial Stings & Commercial Break
18. Fire At Rig 15
19. Inquisition (piano track)
20. The Fate Of The XQR
21. Castle Glen Garry
22. Attack on Cloudbase - Desert Symphony
23. The Mysterons Attack
24. Spectrum Strikes Back (suite)
25. End Titles (song version)
26. Main Titles (series version)
27. White As Snow (commercial version)
28. End Titles (commercial version)

320kbps CD rip + booklet scans.
Password is LucyS

Lucy said...

JOE 90 SILCD1209 2006 [78 minutes approx.]

This was a technological leap for Gerry Anderson puppet productions with hi-tech action, character driven plots and the music recorded in stereo. This has been one of the most eagerly awaited releases for Anderson fans. Compiled by Fanderson – The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society.

1. Century 21 Sting
2. Main Titles
3. The Most Special Agent
4. Arctic Adventure
5. Operation McClaine
6. The Race
7. Double Agent Entertainment
8. Jungle Fortress
9. Dr. Darota's Alpine Clinic
10. Balloon Flight
11. Death, Love and Betrayal
12. Tragedy Aboard the U85
13. Porto Guavan
14. King For A Day
15. The Unorthodox Shepherd
16. Mission Tango 120
17. Break Sting - Version 1
18. Lyons Maid Commercial
19. Break Sting - Version 2
20. Showdown at Coletti's Hideout
21. International Concerto
22. A Piano Recital by Igor Sladek
23. Relative Danger
24. Splashdown
25. The Colonel's March
26. Lone-Handed 90
27. End Titles
28. Opening Titles (stereo)

320kbps CD rip + booklet scans.
Password is LucyS

Lucy said...

I also have a couple more Barry Gray CDs - Space: 1999 - Year 1 and No Strings Attached (a mini compilation) but I haven't got round to uploading them yet.

Hope you don't mind me hogging your blog but I love this stuff (and soundtracks) and like sharing them with like-minded people.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the intresting comments.

I am searching for a long time for the soundtracks of Space 1999 and UFO. Can anybody help me ?

Kind regards


Crispy32 said...

Lucy: Thank you very much indeed for this great selection of music.

SciFi - Once I return from a business trip, I will be sorting out another couple of CD's worth of UFO stuff along with some Space 1999

Anonymous said...

Thank very very much crispy32

Greetings from Germany


the Duke said...

I have the RCA "companion" to Space 1999 and UFO- and unfortunately it has been packed for my move which is this week and it will be a while before I have highspeed access to upload. I hope some else has them. I found them through google blogsearch at sharity sites. If no one has posted these by August 10th, please email me at, and I will see what I can do. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


I again want to ask about soundtracks of Space 1999 and UFO from Barry Gray. Beside of that I am also searching for the soundracks Wolfen from James Horner and The Liquidator from Lalo Schifrin. Can anyone help? Thanks.


Crispy32 said...

Sci-Fi - I'm having a few technical problems at my end but there are links to the UFO soundtrack on

You can also download scads of Space 1999 stuff from

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your help Crispy. Greetings from Germany.


Anonymous said...

I found some Space 1999 links

Year One
1. Space: 1999 Volume 1 Part 1
2. Space: 1999 Volume 1 Part 2
3. Space: 1999 Volume 2 Part 1
4. Space 1999 Volume 2 Part 2
5. Space: 1999 The RCA Album (LP Rip)

Year Two
1. Space: 1999 Year Two Soundtrack

I hope you enjoy


Crispy32 said...

Danke Schoen SciFi!!!!

Crispy32 said...

Here's a little bonus for Gerry Anderson fans (in two parts) for you all to enjoy.

Maimone Digital said...

Great to see Barry Gray get so much attention, he was excellent.

In my pre blog days (before I knew better)I bought Space 1999 season one from eBay. It was a CD-R though, not the real deal. Does anyone have scans of the cover or booklet? (assuming there was one)

Thanks! Great Blog!!

Maimone Digital said...


Thank you for posting the 40th anniversary 2 disc Thunderbird set. I have the volume one and two discs and didn't want to buy a double album just to get a few extra cues. Thanks to you I can hear the whole thing.

jimbo said...

Many thanks to Lucy for the uploads.
I too had bought most of these but didn't have the 'Best of Thunderbirds' set.
Do you happen to have Barry's 'The Secret Service TV soundtrack' cd too?
Thanks again Lucy!

Anonymous said...

SciFiSoundtrack proudly presents:

1. Journey to the far side of the sun (Doppelganger)

2. Barry Gray's Rarities



jimbo said...

Thanks for those posts SciFiSoundtrack!

----------just 'The Secret Service' CD now!

The Official Craig Adams Blog said...

Hello there,

Fellow newbie just found this blog. Can I say what wonderful work - Barry Gray has done for the music to Thunderbirds, UFO, Space 1999, Fireball XL5 & Supercar, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, JOE 90, The Secret Service etc.

I was a lucky man - I did get to the Barry Gray Concert in London earlier this month, It was fantasic stuff. Music was by The Philharmonic Orchestra this event was Recorded both with Microphones & Camera's Video. I got my photo took with Gerry Anderson & my program signed by him, Wonderful man.

I've got a Link for The Secret Service TV Soundtrack.

Click here:

Enjoy it

Kind Regards

Craig A 2008

DLWarner said...

Thank you for the Doppleganger soundtrack. I was ablle to locate a track list for the 10 track version:
1. Opening
2. Traitor In The Lab
3. Main Title
4. Sleeping Astronauts
5. Strange Planet
6. Re-Entry Of The Dove
7. Search And Rescue
8. Interrogation Room
9. Face In The Mirror
10. The Mirror Self - End Title

Interestingly, some of the tracks have names transposed between ones on the 27 track version.

jimbo said...

Anonymous, any chance of a re-post of the 'Barry Gray's Rarities' link?
and does anyone have a link for the new 'Four Feather Falls ' Barry Gray cd?

Ed999 said...

Some of the links on this page are out of date, and no longer work.

But some of the files referenced in the dead links can now be found at -

Ed999 said...

Or at