Monday, 2 February 2009

Charlie Parker With Strings

Ok, this isn't a soundtrack and technically Charlie Parker With Strings shouldn't be here, but this classy collection of mesmerising performances featuring Charlie Parker playing with a small string ensemble, creates a movie in your mind.

Recorded and produced in 1949 by jazz visionary Norman Granz, Charlie Parker With Strings was the first release to feature a jazz soloist backed by violins. 'Bird' takes the opportunity to soar above the occasionally syrupy strings and reinforces his reputation as arguably the greatest improviser of all time.

After a frustrating day battling the snow, that's if you're in the UK, take time to chill out with this cool collection.


Anonymous said...

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Baywatch said...

love this. a roommate had it once upon a time. long ago. happy to have it again!

Mike Flugennock said...

Sorry to ask such a stupid question, but... where's the download link?

I've tried this page in two different browsers, even turned my JavaScript blocker off, but can't seem to find a download link anywhere.

This isn't good, as I'm a really huge Charlie Parker fan.


Crispy32 said...

In the title in the body copy