Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sounds Orchestral Meets James Bond

While we're in a James Bond vibe, why not try this motley collection of loungey music from and inspired by the James Bond films and novels.

Released in 1965 Sounds Orchestral Meets James Bond is not a soundtrack as such but contains covers of Bond Movie themes from Dr No, Thunderball, Goldfinger and From Russia With Love. The remaining tracks are Pianist / Arranger Johnny Pearson's own 007 inspired compositions.

I suppose it was the vogue at the time but some of the tracks are linked by some rather unnecessary sound effects, so Pearson's Pussy's Blues is preceded by a sort of cat / leopard vomiting sound. Elsewhere you are treated to the various sounds of people running, being shot at, hit and driving recklessly. Presumably it's meant to represent an aural action soundtrack, but it's all rather off-putting if you ask me. Still it's an amusing listen for Bondophiles.

Formed in 1965 by Pye Records producer John Schroeder, Sounds Orchestral was a studio based group of instrumentalists. The band had a big hit with the lush and romantic Cast Your Fate to The Wind. I always remember it as the music we did Music and Movement to in Primary School! Johnny Pearson, later gained fame for his tinkly theme to the 70's BBC drama Owen MD, entitled Sleepy Shores.


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