Sunday 3 February 2008

Monsoon Wedding - a tasty treat for the senses

Monsoon Wedding is Mira Nair's delightful award-winning 2001 film which traces several intersecting love stories during the Verma family's frantic wedding preparations for a traditional Punjabi wedding in Delhi.

Avoiding the overt Bollywood excesses and overdramatisation, Monsoon Wedding tackles the issues of traditional family values versus the modern world with humour and honesty. At times it can resemble a superior soap, and while it addresses some important issues, it remains entertaining, looks fantastic and leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end

The film's dazzling soundtrack is a spicy mix of old and new with original music by Mychael Danna sharing the audio space with modern dance tracks, old Bollywood hits and traditional Indian folk tunes - check out standout tracks like Your Good Name, Fabric Aaja Savariya (Come to me, my beloved), Hold me I'm falling, Mehndi/Madhorama Pencha and Fuse Box (Alexkid's Dub Remix). Even if you are unfamilar with Indian Music, don't let that ecelectic mix put you off, this is a joyful and exuberant soundtrack with entrancing melodies and rhythms that will get even the most stubborn feet moving.

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