Saturday 16 February 2008

J'aime beaucoup - A Bachelor in Paris

With the radiant Marion Cotillard picking up BAFTA's, Golden Globes and Oscar nominations for La Vie En Rose, we honour her artistry with A Bachelor in Paris. C'est un grand easy cheesy compilation where lounge legends like Les Baxter rub les epaules avec Nelson Riddle, Elmer Bernstein et Billy May.

This wonderfully eccentric compilation represents the naughty Paris of Gigi, Pepe Le Pew, Gay Puree, Le Moulin Rouge and The Aristocats. There's even a "ver zexi Mamzelle" linking each track with a commentary about "Parees en lerv" It has little to do with current movies per-se though Sam Butera's bouncy good time version of La Via En Rose was used for the Ratatouille teaser trailer.

So, mes petits choux a la cremes A Bachelor in Paris is a great fun cocktail compilation that would even have Edif Piaf cracking a smile. Cheer up Love ..worst things have happened at sea.

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