Sunday 10 February 2008

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush - Sex in the Sixties Stevenage-style

Released in the latter part of 1967, Clive Donner's Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush was a colourful adult drama/comedy starring Barry Evans as a sex starved teenager desperate to lose his virginity against the backdrop of the permissive society of the 60's. Something of a fixture in 1960's youth films, Judy Geeson provided the romantic interest alongside dolly bird Adrienne Posta and future Bond girl Angela Scoular.

Adapted from journalist and Beatles biographer Hunter Davies' novel, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush in its filmic form transferred the action from the gritty North, to the concrete jungle of Stevenage in Hertfordshire - hardly the epicentre of the Swinging 60's but it was suitably modern and therefore a reflection of the times. By today's standards, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush seems a little tame with its rather genteel view of the sexual mores of the 1960's, but its semi-psychedelic soundtrack has withstood the passage of time remarkably well.

Despite being asked by Davies to contribute the theme to the movie Paul McCartney deferred soundtrack duties for Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush to The Spencer Davis Group and Traffic who along with Andy Ellison, the former vocalist with John's Children, turned in a notable soundtrack that exudes extreme, supreme Sixties grooviness.

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