Sunday 23 December 2007

Summon The Heroes - Williams at The Barbican

In June 1996, John Williams played a sell out concert at London's Barbican, celebrating not only William's enviable catalogue of classic film scores but also the fruitful relationship between the composer and the LSO, begun with the recording sessions for Star Wars in the late Seventies .

With his characteristically relaxed style Williams took the podium and kicked off the the first part with the Copland-like Atlanta Olympic theme, Summon the Heroes, - a fitting theme for a night of heroic music. This was followed by the Cowboys Overture and then JFK. The second part came to life with a salvo of Star Wars music - both the Imperial March and the Star Wars theme still get the blood pumping while Princess Leia's theme is a beautiful as ever. Part three took in the stirring Superman March, CE3K, Jurassic Park and an emotional Schindler's List. The final section featured ET, Sugarland Express and closed with a triumphal Raiders March - a perfect end to a great night of music.

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