Sunday 16 December 2007

Enter the Labyrinth

One of my favourite horror fantasy films from 2006, Guillermo Del Toro's breathtaking Pan's Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno) is set in two worlds - 1944 fascist Spain and a secret fairytale fantasy realm populated by nightmarish creatures, fairies and a mysterious faun.

Using stunning and sometimes gut-wrenching visuals, CGI, puppetry and makeup, Pan's Labyrinth tells the story of Ofelia, a girl fascinated with fairy-tales. Along with her pregnant mother, Ofelia is sent to live with her new stepfather, a ruthless captain chasing leftists in the hills of Northern Spain. During the night, she meets a fairy who takes her to an old faun in the centre of an overgrown labyrinth garden. She discovers she is a princess, but to prove her royalty and meet with her real father, the king again, Ofelia must complete three gruesome tasks.

Spanish composer Javier Navarette produced a poignant and melancholy score for Pan's Labyrinth A simple lullaby provides the basis for the score and reoccurs in various guises throughout the movie. The strength of Navarette's work is that it can be listened to outside the dark, dreamlike world of Pan's Labyrinth, yet in the context of the film it enhances the emotional impact of Del Toro's masterpiece.

Don't miss the chance to see this wonderful film.

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