Sunday 18 January 2009

Basie Meets Bond

A classic collection from 1965 of big band covers of Bond music by Count Basie. Timeless and priceless.

John Barry's scores have often contained jazz and particular big band influences, none more so than the James Bond theme itself. Yes I know that in the eyes of the law John Barry didn't write the James Bond theme as it was 'proven' in a court of law to be from the pen of Monty Norman (Ha Ha). The fact is that the big band break in John Barry's arrangement of Monty Norman's (yawn) composition, The James Bond theme, is pure Basie.

So it's natural that Count Basie should return the complement with this cool and swinging selection of tunes from Dr No to Thunderball. Standout tracks are The James Bond theme (naturally), From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and surprisingly Dr No's Fantasy (which is a bona-fide Monty Norman compostion).

Personally, I would have gladly forgone a couple of the Dr No tunes such as Underneath the Mango Tree and Three Blind Mice in favour of some more from Thunderball. I would have loved to hear Basie's take on Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Don't be put off by the slightly crap go-go dolly birds cover art. Basie Meets Bond is a class act.


Bobby Martini said...

Ho my, oh my - what a blinder. Thanks for posting this. It is truly wonderful - many thanks C.


Bob said...

Terrific. I've been a fan of John Barry's Bond music since the 60's and this has to be one of the nicest variants I've ever heard. Thanks!!