Sunday 7 December 2008

Batman The Animated Series - out as a 2-cd limited edition

I'm absolutely over the moon that the music for Batman the Animated Series will soon be officialy available, albeit in a 2CD edition - limited to 3,000 copies.

Like last year's Blade Runner release this is a much anticipated release just in time for Christmas. Featuring the work of Shirley Walker, Lolita Ritmanis and Michael McCuiston, this is a must have CD for all fans of the Ani-Bat.

A quick glance at the track listings on, reveals some great cues from the first season of this groundbreaking animated series. In addition to Shirley Walker's stunning interpretation of Danny Elfman's classic theme, you also get Walker's own grandiose alternate Batman theme.

I've placed my order and will be waiting in anticipation for the sound of our postie's footfall on our doorstep.

For regular visitors to this blog, please accept my sincere apologies for a lack of new material recently. This will be remedied very soon when things calm down at work and aren't taken up with travelling and meeting print deadlines (and I stop trying to watch every episode of "24").

So with a thumbed nose to the credit crunch let's all enjoy the great music that's out there.


Chief of Police Ebeneezer Esteridge said...

Really pleased that a 2 CD set has been released for BTAS.
But there is always a catch for score lovers... The dreaded Limited Edition. OF 3000 copies.
So much for celebrating the composer's work.
And they saturate the market with the dross that is High School Musical ....and 2 ....and 3.
What about the score lovers?
This may be controversial but they question the motives of illegal copies, bootlegs and pirating.
Why not make a few more copies at a decent price and share the love?

Crispy32 said...

I know what you mean. Score fans always lose out especially when the music industry is in a slump. Alas it's all down to demographics. It's inevitable that the soundtracks for High School Musical and such like have a greater audience and one that probably wouldn't even understand the complexity and beauty of the BTAS score.

I imagine Warners don't see it as a massive money spinner hence it's out on a small label (LaLa Land Records). In comparision to all those little boys and girls who like HSM and X Factor, score fans are just a drop in the ocean from a Record company's perspective.

The same thing happened with The James Bond scores for Octopussy and The Spy Who Loved Me. They came out on Ryko. For the small label it's a big deal but they have to reduce their risk by putting out a limited edition. I don't like it any more than you do but it's a painful reminder how fickle the market is.

I've ordered the set and assuming it arrives I certainly intend to 'share the love'

Frontier said...

Hey folks, scoop these up ASAP! still has copies available!

I've also got it from a reliable source -- who informed me of this first Volume many months ago -- that Volume 2 is "ready to go" and volume 3 "in the works" so... that's 2 more potential 2-disc editions. Scoop up this one now, and we can count on 2! ;)