Saturday 12 January 2008

John Barry goes deep and finds treasure

The Deep, directed by Peter Yates and released in 1977 was adapted from Jaws author Peter Benchley's novel about Haitian high jinx, sub-aquatic swag, dodgy drug dealers and death-defying dives. Despite Peter Yates' best directorial efforts, some stunnning underwater photography and Jacqueline Bisset's underwater underwear, The Deep did not repeat the success of Jaws.

While the film may have sprung a leak and capsized, John Barry's evocative soundtrack is pure gold. It seems to mark a transitional period for Barry with lush and romantic orchestration recalling The Girl With Sun In Her Hair and suspenseful elements of his work on the Deadfall (1968) and Jagged Edge (1985) soundtracks.

In a reflection of the times, Barry's sinuous theme for The Deep is given the disco treatment during the end titles and in vocal form by Donna Summer which is pleasant enough and gives the saucy minx the opportunity to add a more earthy meaning to the words Down Deep Inside!

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