Friday 2 November 2007

Hey..get your Car Washed today

Directed by Michael Schultz and written by Joel Schumacher, Car Wash (1976) was generally regarded as the first "disco" movie of the 1970's.
Featuring a lively cast including Richard Prior, Antonio 'Huggy Bear' Fargas, actor/director Bill Duke plus a number of unknowns, Car Wash recounts a day in the life of the employees at a Los Angeles car wash presented as a series of loosely plotted vignettes. When compared to its contemporaries, Saturday Night Fever and Thank God It's Friday, Car Wash looks the least dated despite the preponderance of big 'fro's.
Even with a lack of real plot the film still retains a freshness that is underpinned by former Motown supremo Norman Whitfield's driving funky soundtrack that never misses a beat. Nestling among the familiar hits by the likes of Rose Royce and the Pointer Sisters reside some rock solid instrumentals that are a masterclass for aspiring bass players. Cheesey it most certainly isn't.

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mr.kenneth said...

oh bliss!!!

Crispin, I LOVE this soundtrack. My vinyl is worse for wear so I'm off over to the link quick smart.

I'm a big admirer of Norman Whitfield's production outings. He really did some mighty work and I'm always look out for vinyl with his name as the production credit.

Fabulous ... thanks mate.

Excuse me, but I'm off to lather up and scrub! :)