Wednesday 24 October 2007

Tickle your Funny Bones

In between his breakthrough film "Hear My Song " and the mainstream "Serendipity", writer/director Peter Chelsom made "Funny Bones" - a charming and at times magical bittersweet comedy with a cast and a soundtrack to die for.

Released in 1995, Funny Bones features a stellar cast including an uncharacteristically restrained Jerry Lewis, screen legends Oliver Reed and Leslie Caron, the great Oliver Platt and rubber faced mugger Lee Evans - probably more famous outside of the UK for his roles in There's Something About Mary and Mousehunt. It's a tribute to Peter Chelsom that he manages to get some great performances from all of his cast especially where the titanic egos of Lewis and Reed are concerned.

Oliver Platt plays the son of famous comedian (Jerry Lewis), whose Vegas debut is a disaster. He returns to the English seaside town where he grew up to buy material from local performers. However his past catches up with him and a dark family secret is revealed.

The soundtrack features John Altman's pleasant big band score accompanied by a collection of old jazz, novelty songs and blues songs. It's like discovering a box of old 78's in the attic of a long departed eccentric uncle. Both the film and soundtrack deserve some attention so go and give your Funny Bones a tickle.

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